Assisted Living

Residents of Assisted Living communities have the best of both worlds, a way to receive extra help with activities of daily living (ADL’s), along with their ability to remain as independent as possible in a comfortable home-like setting. Staying healthy and living life to the fullest, is a shared goal of both the resident and the community in which they live. LTC Health Solutions, with extensive knowledge and experience in helping senior residents in an assisted living setting, is the perfect partner to choose when considering your communities healthcare needs. LTC, with a staff of over fifty medical provider’s, brings real measurable solutions in maintaining current census along with providing the valuable service of on-going medical care for your residents. With on-site Nurse Practitioners, LTC provides residents and caregivers alike the peace of mind of having a healthcare plan in place and with regular follow-up, often more serious illnesses including hospital stays can be avoided. A community who is able to offer this medical service for its residents will also increase their competitiveness in their market when prospective clients weigh advantages between competing communities.

Why Choose LTCHS Assisted Living Facility?

  • Providing services for over 15 years in Assisted Living Facilities.
  • Able to see patient in their home setting.
  • Work with facility staff to ensure a continuum of care for the residents.
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Physician Services

I love working in skilled nursing facilities, providing consistently high-quality care. I receive a deep satisfaction in the provider/ patient relationship that develops over time.

Tammy Hiott