3 Ways On-Site Nurse Practitioners Can Give Your Assisted Living Patients Peace of Mind

Nurse Assistance

People who choose assisted living communities are seeking ways to maintain their independence as long as possible while having access to necessary assistance to maintain optimal health and wellness.

Facilities that provide on-site nurse practitioners give their residents many benefits that help them preserve their independence even longer. These are a few of the ways on-site nurse practitioners can give your South Carolina assisted living patients greater peace of mind.

1. Ensures Greater Continuum of Care

Because on-site nurse practitioners have the time to get to know your residents and their healthcare needs on a more intimate basis than many clinical settings allow, it offers them the opportunity to provide more comprehensive services to their patients.

This means your residents are getting the highest possible quality of care from providers who understand the full scope of their needs.

The most important way this benefits your assisted living patients, though, is the peace of mind they experience by seeing a familiar face when they are experiencing frightening symptoms or medical emergencies. Our on-site nurse practitioners build relationships with your patients, so they can feel confident in the care they’re receiving.

2. Able to Visit Patients in their Home Environments

Because patients live in assisted living facilities, on-site nurse practitioners are able to make rounds from one patient to the next, seeing them in their home environments. It puts patients more at ease than clinical environments allow and eliminates the need for them to travel or go out into the elements to make their appointments.

This results in fewer missed or skipped appointments and helps them receive a more consistent quality of care as their health care needs change. It also means that they when patients aren’t feeling well, care comes to them. They don’t even need to get out of bed.

3. Easy Billing

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns assisted living patients have is complex billing that makes it nearly impossible to understand. More to the point, they fear billing that may cause hassles with their insurance providers.

LTC Health Solutions accepts a wide range of health insurance programs and offers the added courtesy of filing claims with primary and secondary insurers for our patients.

LTC Health Solutions wants to be your partner in providing outstanding care to the residents of your assisted living community. Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits available to you for making LTC your clinical care partner.

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Through our interventions, patients are engaged in a shared decision-making process, and are empowered to be in control of their treatment.

Dr. Gregory A. Compton