LTC Health Solutions Pioneers Cleaning & Safety Solutions During COVID-19 Outbreak

[Columbia, SC] — Using science to fight an unseen enemy, LTC Health Solutions and 1600 Block businesses are taking a proactive approach to keep employees and customers safe from infectious diseases. The antimicrobial cleaning product mPale™, from mPact, not only cleans the surface on contact, but it also continues to sterilize surfaces for up to 30 days after application. Once the product is sprayed, the molecular structure is imperceptible to human touch but is highly effective against virtually all viral, bacterial and fungal infestations, including the Covid-19 (Coronavirus). The process of deep cleaning and treating all surfaces with the antimicrobial mPale™ bonds to almost any surface. This product of choice for the Tampa Bay Port Authority and their Cruise Ship terminal, which currently handles nearly one million passengers annually.

Scott Middleton, LTC Health Solutions’ CEO said, "Our number one priority is to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees. We have worked tirelessly to ensure all employees have been tested for the virus. By implementing new and innovative ways to help prevent the spread of the virus moving forward, we can protect our community and get us safely up and running again.”

Several restaurants and businesses on the 1600 block of Main Street in Columbia, are currently reapplying mPale™ throughout their locations. This week, restaurants including The Grand on Main, Good Life Café, and Main Course (TopGolf) have reapplied the solution, and other Main Street organizations have followed suit, including Main Street Physicians, Revive Wellness Studio, and the 24/7 Fitness gym, in hopes of making Main Street one of the safest and cleanest areas in the city.

With access to the mPale™ cleaning product being extremely limited, Middleton informed city officials that LTC is happy to provide the service for free for all Columbia Police Department vehicles in order to help keep our dedicated officers safe and healthy. Middleton says, "As a guiding principle, we strive to take a leadership role in seeking solutions to run responsible businesses, provide top-quality care, and help our community prosper."
Standard disinfectant products that use poisons to kill on contact are only useful during application. The mPale™ formula is scientifically proven to adhere to any surface where applied, and when dry, provides 30 days of protection against re-infection.

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Dr. Gregory A. Compton