How Pro-Active Medicine Could Mean the Difference During the Holidays

Proactive Medicine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying certainly applies to the holidays, when people tend to feel more under the weather, follow their diets less strictly, get less sleep, and take on more activity than they should. For many people, especially those without family nearby, holidays can be a time of greater anxiety, loneliness, depression, and stress. All of these things can lead to a greater need for medical care during the holidays.

Here are some of the ways that pro-active medicine can make a difference for patients and their families this holiday season:

  • More frequent visits: During the holiday season, illnesses like the cold and flu are making their rounds while immune systems are more taxed by lack of sleep, stress, changes in routine, and many other factors.

    This is why it is important to increase doctor visits around the holiday season to make sure patients are receiving quality and timely care when needed to ensure they are able to enjoy these good times.

  • Better health management: When patients have better access to care, their health begins to improve, which has a ripple effect on their overall wellness.

    Both patients and caregivers can experience peace of mind knowing that help is readily available and their patients are getting the comprehensive care they deserve.

  • More time with loved ones: No one wants to spend the holidays in hospital due to lack of proactive care.

    With high-quality, dedicated medical care, patients can truly enjoy the holidays, time with loved ones, and better health.

With skilled nurses and practitioners immediately available, families can have peace of mind knowing the loved ones they care for can enjoy the holidays with good health, comfort, and plenty of reasons to celebrate.

At LTC Health Solutions, we go out of our way to see patients wherever they are - in nursing homes, independent living facilities, and even their own homes. Reach out to us to find more about the services we offer, including established on-site services for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities to provide routine care.

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Through our interventions, patients are engaged in a shared decision-making process, and are empowered to be in control of their treatment.

Dr. Gregory A. Compton