Outpatient Therapy - Helping People Live Better

Outpatient Therapy

LTC Therapy Solutions is a multi-disciplined therapy practice which provides physical, occupational, and speech therapies. We have locations in the Midlands and Piedmont regions of SC. Additionally, our LTC MedServe division in Rock Hill specializes in respiratory therapy.

LTCTS therapists treat the full age spectrum of adult patients, with a strong concentration on the geriatric population.Our innovative ReVitalize Seniors Program was developed to help seniors:

  • Regain Function
  • Remain Independent
  • Retain Dignity

LTC Therapy rehab programs incorporate a comprehensive and perceptive evaluation process to set outcome-based goals specific to the needs of each patient. We work in close collaboration with referring physicians to develop individualized care plans designed to alleviate causes in the course of treating symptoms, rather than simply masking over their effects. Our plans utilize one-on-one customized care to achieve functional and comfort objectives that make profound differences in patients’ lives.

Certifications, Specialties and Resources

LTC Therapy Solutions employs National Board Certified staff trained in the use of progressive therapeutic methods, techniques and specialized equipment. Our therapists are sensitive to each patient’s condition, enabling them to apply their knowledge, experience and skills to optimize treatment outcomes. The diversity of our qualifications, coupled with our personalized approach to patient care, enhance our ability to improve limitations and restore loss of function resulting from a wide array of injuries, diseases and disabilities.