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LTC Physicians Services is a network of doctors, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals who provide primary care services on site at Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities. These services are also extended to Independent Living Retirement Communities where, in some cases, patients may also enroll for concierge-style amenities. LTC Physician Services works in cooperation with each facility’s staff to strengthen the practitioner-patient relationship and improve the overall wellness of residents. 

Benefits that Provide Peace-of-Mind for Residents & Family

On-site Services:

  •  Hassle-free visits that eliminate extensive waiting.
  •  Avoid family members’ time away from work for off-site transportation.

Patient-centered Care:

  •  Personalized care plans.
  •  Coordination of care with your specialists.

Pro-active Medicine: 

  •  More frequent visits = Better managed health =Less hospitalization.
  •  Take advantage of Medicare’s new Chronic Care Management program.
  •  Consistent communication with facility staff to support more comprehensive care.

Easy Billing:

  •  Full billing services for Medicare and most private insurances.
  •  No costs other than customary deductibles and copays.


Value-added Services:

  •  Call coverage 24/7.
  •  Patient Portal allows patient and family to conveniently monitor care from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Independent Living

At Independent Living Retirement Communities where LTC maintains an office, residents are afforded the opportunity to enroll for additional Concierge-style services. In this environment, a blended mix of concierge services is offered at a significant discount.


Concierge Services *:

  •  Guaranteed priority appointments within 48 hours.
  •  Added support with your Specialists.
  •  Coordinated email and text access with LTC medical staff.

* The benefits provided under the concierge program are intended to enhance your experience and do not replace or duplicate services covered under Medicare.

Skilled Nursing

LTCHS Physician Solutions utilizes a team of dedicated Medical Directors, full- and part-time Attending Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to provide consistent, high-quality care to patients and residents. Whether it is implementation of a new clinical protocol, collaborating on approaches to decrease hospital re-admissions, or providing direction on vaccinations or outbreaks, We are here to serve as clinical care partners for your Skilled Nursing Facility.

LTC Physicians Services

LTC Physicians Services also works closely with LTC Pharmacy Services which utilizes the latest technology to deliver cutting-edge medication management in long term care settings. Click to learn more about LTC Pharmacy Services.

No Charge.   Patients may schedule appointments based on availability.  We do not guarantee appointments but will schedule appointments based on next availability.  We suggest making appointments at least 1 week in advance.

Assisted Living

  • LTC physicians services will provide weekly or twice a week visits to your ALF, depending on the acuity and number of patients on service. 
  •  A NP or PA will be assigned to each campus along with a medical assistant who will coordinate the care between the Practitioner and the facility. 
  • On call.  Over 20 Practitioners participate in the on call rotation so that you are never more than a phone call away from someone who will help direct decisions for your residents.  We strive to eliminate unnecessary trips to the Emergency room.